Reload Maintenance Announcer

Sometimes, you may need to reload Maintenance Announcer. Reloading is usually not needed unless you've made changes to the configuration file for the plugin or are experiencing some issues.

Note: You'll need Maintenance Announcer v3.5 or later to reload the plugin.

How to Reload Maintenance Announcer:

  • Entering "/maintenance reload" will start the reloading process.

Reasons to Reload Maintenance Announcer:

  • You've updated the configuration file and want to load in any new changes.

  • The plugin isn't working as intended.

What Reloading Maintenance Announcer Does:

  • Reloads and verifies the configuration file.

Permission Level Needed to Reload Maintenance Announcer:

  • You will need to be a server operator or higher.

  • If the server is using a permissions system/manager, you'll need to add this permission to your user or rank: hjw.maintenanceannouncer.reload