Modern Magic Ball

Get Answers for Life's Biggest Questions.

Life is full of questions. Magic Ball can help answer any yes or no question you have. It's all there, at your fingertips.

Download and join the 75,000+ Magic Ballers today. All at the cost of a candy bar.

Nearly everything in Magic Ball is customizable. Change sounds, themes, the app icon, ball icons, and even create your own response sets. The customization is endless.


Speak to Magic Ball.

Magic Ball can understand every word you say and enables new experiences. Try asking for the lucky number, what new iPhone to buy, or just to flip a coin for you. There are tons more fun responses Magic Ball can provide, with more being added often.

Type to Magic Ball.

Can't openly talk to your device? No problem. You can turn on the Type to Magic Ball feature to use a keyboard to ask questions. It has all the same great experiences as Speak to Magic Ball.

Multilingual. Sim, isso mesmo.

Magic doesn't just happen in English.

*1 Magic Ball can respond in:

*1. Note that these are response languages and not a full app language. The app is fully translated in English, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Translations are done by volunteers and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, we do try our best though.

Choose from Different Response Topics.

Life is bigger than yes or no questions. You can also use Magic Ball for finding a song to listen to, finding a place to eat at, what game to play next, and where to shop.

Plus, enjoy other response topics like Modern and Rude. They still answer yes or no questions, but in a new way.

Focus on yourself.

Get your daily fortune and read an inspirational quote everyday.

The You page also will guide you on how to get your next achievement, so you always know how to earn the next one.

Need Help with Anything?

That's ok! Articles on how to use the Magic Ball app and how certain features work are listed below. Click to learn!

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