Sales Counter

Keep Track of your Sales. Easily.

Sales Counter is a simple, quick, and flexible way for anyone to keep track of their sales. It was designed with people who do fundraising or third-party vendors keep track of their daily sales.

Easier than a spreadsheet.

Sales Counter was designed to be as easy as possible to quickly count sales. No more looking at that boring spreadsheet and trying to find that item to change the number of sales.

Simply tap on the item you're wanting to sell to mark 1 as sold. It's really that easy. If you sell a bunch of the item at once, or need to make other edits, just press and hold on the item.

Set goals for yourself.

It's super easy to quickly set a daily goal that you want to achieve. Want to set the goal for 10 units a day sold? Or maybe $200 of sales per day? It's all one click away.

The Goals page will tell you how often you are hitting your daily goals. The Goal % Target can always be set, you if you want to hit goals 85% of the time, you can do it.

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